What You Can Do With A PayPal Account In Kenya

General Online Shopping
Currently, majority of people(according to me) that use PayPal in Kenya are those who work online since it is a convenient way of receiving payment. However, this is not the only use of PayPal. You can still have an account even if you’re not a freelancer. Here’s are several things you can do with a PayPal account:

  1. Shop on online stores
Paypal makes online shopping a breeze. A large percentage of online stores in the world support accept PayPal as a mode of payment. Here’s a list of hundreds of online stores that accept PayPal. That’s why  PayPal comes in handy when buying items from these international online vendors.
  1. Receive money on your website/online store
Paypal makes it easy for you to receive payments for products you’re selling on your website or online store. Having it as a payment option opens up your business to an international audience. This way, people can purchase your products and services from anywhere in the globe.
  1. Pay for things without exposing your financial information
Paypal makes it possible to make payments using your email address only. This way, people won’t have any financial information about you except for that email.
  1. Send money to anyone with an email address
PayPal makes it possible to send money to any person who has an email address. The person you’re sending money to doesn’t need to have a PayPal account, all they need is a valid email address.

Now that you’ve created your PayPal account, you can use it to buy, sell, pay or donate. To make maximum use of PayPal services, you’ll need to verify your account.

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