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M-Shwari is a mobile banking service offered by Safaricom in liaison with the Central Bank of Africa (CBA). Its purpose is to readily avail bank services to M-PESA users. You can use M-Shwari to save money and also take a loan. You are required to activate your M-Shwari account before you can begin using it. No amount is charged to activate your account.  I have highlighted the major functions of M-Shwari below.
 Screenshot of Mshwari Menu1. Send to M-Shwari
You can easily send money from your M-PESA account to your M-Shwari account. You are not charged anything when you make this transfer. This means that you can send as little as Ksh. 1 to your M-Shwari account.
2. Withdraw from M-Shwari
Withdrawing money from M-Shwari is also easy. You just need your M-PESA pin and you are ready to go. The money withdrawn from your M-Shwari is deposited into your M-PESA account. You can now get the cash by withdrawing the money from an M-PESA agent or an ATM.
3. Lock Savings Account
Saving money has never been easier. All you have to do is have some money deposited
into your M-PESA account and you can easily save it in M-Shwari account. You can save as little Ksh. 1. Go to
Saving money on M-Shwari lock savings account, to learn more about this.
4. Loan
M-Shwari offers loans to its faithful customers. You are required to save money on M-Shwari and use Safaricom services for some time in order to qualify for a loan. You will be informed of the loan amount you are qualified for from time to time. M-Shwari loans can be as little as Ksh. 100. Payment of the loan should be made within the given time; normally one month.
5. Check Balance
This service enables you to check the amount of money that you have in your M-Shwari
account. Ksh. 1 is charged from your M-PESA account in order to receive your balance.
6. Mini Statement
M-Shwari also allows you to monitor your account transactions by offering you a mini
statement. It will cost you Ksh. 1 only in your M-PESA account to process your mini statement.
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