KCB Mpesa Loan: 4 Things You Should Know

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KCB Mpesa loan offers Kenyans a fast way to get an instant loan. It can be a life-saver
especially when you’re in a fix. Here are a few things you need to know about the loan KCB Mpesa Loan.
Source: loans.or.ke
4. It’s accessible to anyone with an active Mpesa account
KCB Mpesa loans are available to all Mpesa users. You can access it via the Mpesa Menu
under the Loans option. Your initial loan limit depends on you Mpesa’s activity level. However, your limit is bound to grow the more you use KCB M-pesa services(eventually).
3. You can repay it in 3 months
Unlike most mobile loaning platforms in Kenya, KCB Mpesa gives you the option of repaying your loan in three months. Remember to specify the period while applying for the loan.
2. You get less than you asked for
Another interesting fact about KCB Mpesa loans is that they charge interest before giving you the loan. This means that you’ll receive less money than you requested. The amount of interest they deduct depends on the period you’ve chosen to repay the loan.
1. You might get blacklisted by the CRB
KCB Mpesa loan is loan like any other. If you don’t pay it back, you’ll find yourself blacklisted by the CRB. A ridiculously small amount of money(even 40bob) can get you black listed. Just pay back the money due, preferably before the due date.
What is your experience with KCB Mpesa loans? Feel free to drop your comments or questions below.
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